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About TitansFX

TitansFX created athena trading strategy to selectively trade major currency pairs on an intraday basis.  We believe markets that focus on buy and hold strategies mask both competence and incompetence making it difficult for investors to accurately judge the quality of both their financial managers and investments. We crystallize our returns on a monthly basis.  We make every trade in our own account and are largely compensated on our monthly performance.


Management Team

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TJ Villano, CFA CTA


TJ Villano is the CEO and Head Trader at TitansFX.  He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) licensed with the National Futures Association (NFA ID 0513221).  TJ began trading FOREX over a decade ago, testing and refining his trading strategy before incubating the Athena strategy with TitansFX.    Prior to creating TitansFX he was an Assistant Portfolio Manager for an ESG hedge fund, Founding Partner at REK Partners, Restaurant owner, and an Equity Analyst covering technology stocks.

TJ served in the U.S. Air Force working on the avionics components on the A/10 and F-16 aircraft.  

TJ holds a BA in Global Economics from the University of California Santa Cruz and a MBA in Finance from Indiana University.  His interests are soccer, chess, reading, travel and golf.

Our Values


We define winning as generating positive monthly returns and argue that our intraday strategy provides accountability that most practitioners blur by telling investors to focus on the long term. We believe the standard mantra of "invest for the long term" to some obscure point in the future makes it difficult for investors to accurately judge the competency of the people managing their money.


We argue that consistency is the most important financial measurement. Any trader/investor can have a lucky month/quarter/year but the sign of true greatness is measured in the day to day, month to month and year to year results. It is true in sports, investments and trading. We practice sound trading strategies that we developed based on mathematical statistics we believe are repeatable into the future.


We eat what we kill. We are compensated on our results. Our performance fee is based on profits we generated in the month. There is a monthly high water mark and every trade in our own account is made proportionally for our clients.


TitansFX is fully transparent with clients giving us trading permission to their own account through a Limited Power of Attorney. No lock up period and our clients have full access to their money  at any time. We are regulated in the US with the National Futures Association NFA ID 053221.


We believe that crystillizing returns on a monthly basis accurately portrays trading competency and is a more practical approach to the markets. We believe we are able to limit risk through our intraday trading approach.

Our Office

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Our Trading Strategies

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